Trans-forming Terminology and Ideology in Media, Medicine and Mental Health: Zebras among Us

This book offers research-based evidence for considering the next generation of trans*+ individuals and for making classrooms, healthcare facilities, and clinics affirming spaces for people of all genders. Brazenly challenging what once may have seemed standard, it presents the findings of a large-scale mixed-methods research project. The text offers a deep dive into the literature surrounding trans*+ topics and controversies in media, medicine, and mental health. Introducing a new addition to ‘LGBTQIA’, ‘Thisgender’, the book approaches trans*+ studies with provocative questions and illuminating answers.

Steven S. Funk, EdD, RN, (he/him) is a nurse and healthcare educator in Billings, Montana. He has published articles and books addressing Critical Media Literacy and trans*+ social justice.

Jaydi Funk, PharmD, (she/her) is a clinical pharmacist for a long-term acute care hospital in Billings, Montana. She has published articles examining pediatric dosing and promoting trans*+ patient autonomy.

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