Elements of Peacemaking Revolutions: Leaders, People and Institutions

Intractable conflict is a protracted, violent and long-time struggle, wherein generation after generation is socially conditioned to continue fighting. To break the chain of destruction, a revolutionary peacemaking process is required. This book serves as an introduction to the study of peacemaking revolutions, which are necessary to build a peaceful and well-functioning society in desperate intractable conflict situations.

The challenge of peacemaking revolution is to turn opposing parties into a peacemaking community. A peacemaking community offers political platforms to involve the different societal elements of the opposing parties in the struggle for change. It offers a consensus-building process that approaches the conflict from different sides, dimensions and directions.

This book provides a fresh perspective to the study of destructive social conflicts, their transformation, and resolution. It will serve to provoke a critical discussion among those who are interested in the new emerging study of peacemaking revolutions.

Dr Sapir Handelman received the 2010 Peter Becker Award for Peace and Conflict Studies, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Psychology Department of Harvard University. The first scholar to receive the Lentz Fellowship in Peace and Conflict Resolution Research three times in a row, Dr Handelman is the Chairman of the Board of the Minds of Peace Organization, an NGO registered in the US and Israel. His latest joint initiative with NegoFlict is to create digital platforms for solution focused negotiation. He is an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) and the founder and Director of the Conflict Studies Program at Achva Academic College, Israel.

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