Mobilizing Narratives: Narrating Injustices of (Im)Mobility

Edward Said’s summation that “we live in a period of migration, of forced travel and forced residence, that has literally engulfed the globe” is an apt description of the riveting and pervasive nature of (im)mobility in contemporary times. Wars, climate change, economic recessions, and social and cultural inequalities all contribute to coercing both individuals and communities into forced movement or imposed immobility. This volume investigates the injustices related to free circulation as represented in various literary texts.

Hager Ben Driss is Associate Professor at the University of Tunis, Tunisia, where she teaches Anglophone Literature. Her research addresses gender and postcolonial studies, and she is the editor of Knowledge: Trans/Formations (2013) and Women, Violence, and Resistance (2017).

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Ahlam Abulalia

Pragyan Padmaja Behera

Hager Ben Driss

Nidhi Jha

Emma Musty

Smriti Singh

Adel Sliti

Michelle Stork

David Wills

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