Research, Teaching and Actions in Higher Education on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN is currently focused on monitoring and improving learning outcomes and people who are generally excluded from education. Indeed, in its Agenda 2030, higher education forms an important part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to poverty, hunger, health, education and gender equality. This volume brings together contributions that provide research and teaching experiences, as well as reflections on actions taken in higher education institutes, associated with these SDGs.

María Alcantud-Díaz received her PhD in English Philology from Valencia University, Spain, where she currently teaches in the Department of Didactics of Language and Literature. She is also the Director of the Cadre of Cooperation and Sustainable Development of Valencia University.

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Ana Alcaraz Lamana

Ana Garcia Arroyo

Sergio Belda Miquel

José Beltrán Llavador

Jesus Blesa

Maria Botella Martinez

Sara Campoamor Mollà

Anna Devís-Arbona

María Alcantud Díaz

Lucía Fernández

Josep Vicent Garcia-Raffi

Jordi Giner Monfort

Carmen Lloret Catala

Elena Martínez García

María-Jesús Martínez-Usarralde

Americo Mendoza-Mori

Elena Mut Montalvá

Elena Ortiz Ballester

Carles Cecilio Padilla

Eva Paris-Huesca

Yaiza Pérez Alonso

Nicolás Ponce Díaz

Amparo Rodrigo-Mateu

Ana Rubini

Pilar Rueda-Segado

Ana Sales Ten

Natalia Sànches i Sànches

Elia Saneleuterio

Jose M. Soriano

Cristóbal Suárez-Guerrero

Francisco Torres Pérez

Ana I. Vázquez Cañete

Victoria Vázquez-Verdera

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