Thinking with Animation

This volume brings together scholars based predominantly in Asia to contribute provocative and experimental essays on the dynamic relationship between animation and philosophy. In an inventive and playful philosophical way, they address not only the mainstay of Japanese animation, but also Korean film, picture books and Mickey Mouse to understand what we might call film-philosophy in Asia. In thinking animation with concepts from the technicolour philosophies of Deleuze, Guattari, Stiegler, Benjamin, Kristeva and Heidegger, the book sees animation not as a representation of a philosophical idea per se, but conceptualizes it as a philosophical thinking-device. In the images themselves, what is at work is not just the thinking of a particular director or manga artist, but, rather, thinking as such, through and by the images themselves. The scholars in this collection are committed to thinking images themselves as thought-experiments and thinking machines.

Joff P. N. Bradley is Professor of English and Philosophy in the Faculty and Graduate School of Foreign Languages at Teikyo University, Tokyo, Japan. He is also a Visiting Professor at Jamia Millia Islamia (University), New Delhi, India, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea. He is currently writing several volumes on schizoanalysis and postmedia.

Catherine Ju Yu Cheng received her PhD in English from the National Taiwan Normal University. She is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Feng Chia University, Taiwan. Her main areas of research are postmodern novels, science fiction, contemporary European philosophy, and Buddhist philosophy. She serves as Secretary General and Director of the Taiwan Humanities Society.

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Joachim Alt

Joff P. N. Bradley

Maria Grajdian

Woosung Kang

Thomas Lamarre

Alex Taek-Gwang Lee

Chaoyang Liao

Edward McDougall

Harumi Osaki

Christophe Thouny

Toshiya Ueno

Pei-Ju Wu

Su-Chen Wu

Chen-Wei Yu

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