The Marketing of Works: A Textbook on General Marketing of Goods, Works, and Services

This book is the first to describe a new type of marketing: namely, the marketing of works. This is the line of marketing activity that provides search and receiving orders to meet the effective demand of customers for the manufacture, repair, modernization, re-equipment, or liquidation of the customer’s facilities with a change in their market value and without transferring ownership to these objects from the customer to the executor of works.

The book will show the reader that works are a type of production activity that changes the market value of the objects being processed as opposed to the services, and provides definitions of concepts at the end of each chapter. It will serve to provide marketing theorists with many opportunities for research that will enable them to make their own scientific discoveries and acquire new scientific results.

Dr Sergiy E. Pogodayev is a marketing practitioner with many years of experience in Ukrainian and American industrial companies as Marketing Director and Commercial Director. He has been a member of the American Marketing Association since 2011, and is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Economics at the Academy of Labor and Social Relations, Russia. He received his PhD in Economics from Ternopil National Technical University, Ukraine, in 2014. Dr Pogodayev is the author of the scientific discovery of the marketing of works (four copyright certificates in 2011-2012). In the United Kingdom, he has published an article about it in 2013. He is also the author of the rating theory of market and firm (copyright certificate in 2012) and has published relevant monographs in Ukraine (2013) and Germany (2015). His research interests include the study of multidimensional market space, accelerated market time, and the rating metrics of management.

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