The Home Workplace: A Builder’s Guide to Its Environment, Energy and Economy

The recent COVID-19-induced slamming of millions of information workers into the home workplace has made clear that the planning and management foundations for such a mass-migration are anything but solid. Now, the IT industry is scrambling to offer products which do not treat the (remote) worker as a third-class citizen.

However, there is another problem, namely the lack of a coherent theory (and documented practice) about what wide-scale workplace decentralization will really do for the individual, the organization, the local community, and ultimately the planet. Indeed, the home workplace can—and ultimately will—serve as the gateway to a whole new focus on the triplex of environmental, energy and economic issues. It may even become the portal to a more peaceful and stable world.

This book is not a research work, but rather an opinion piece based on personal experience working as an IT program manager, executive and consultant in various large enterprises while working from home for a significant percentage of the time. Among other things, it reflects a very strong belief that home workplace technology architects were altogether too quick to abandon the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as a core component of that architecture. The book will equip the reader with a balance of strategic and tactical perspectives—and tools—which should assist in designing, prototyping and rolling out a home workplace environment which is best suited to the needs of their organization, and which will also contribute to the building of a worldwide electronic commonwealth.

Dan Perley holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (with minor in Transportation Engineering) from Carleton University, Canada, and has worked for most of his career in applying advanced technology in the transportation and defence fields. He has built several small consulting and system integration firms and worked as an IT executive in larger firms, and was also Director of Intermediate Informatics with Transport Canada. He is currently the co-owner of the consulting firm Workplace Technologies Corporation in Long Beach, California, and is the author of three books.

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