Genetic Mosaicism

The presence of green and yellow ornamental plants around us, dark spots on our skin, people with brown and blue mosaic irises, and white-spotted dogs and horses are all well-known phenomena of life, and are recognisable genetic mosaics. Although such genetics mosaics live with us (and, in fact, we are all a genetic mosaics), little is known about the genetic bases of their origin. This book provides a general overview of the mechanisms that lead to the formation of different types of mosaics, listing an ample collection of examples to illustrate the impact of the genetic mosaics on our life. The book will appeal to the reader interested in understanding the relationship between genetic events and mosaicism, especially undergraduate and graduate students and medical doctors, as well as experts engaged in horticulture and animal breeding.

János Szabad, DSc, is an Emeritus Professor, and previously headed the Biology Department at the University of Szeged, Hungary, where he taught genetics, and cell-, molecular- and developmental biology. His research focused on Drosophila development, making use of genetic mosaics and developing assays to detect and measure the intensities of environmental agents to induce different types of mutations.

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