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Syntax Processing

This volume deals with research on the processing of a native language, second language learning, bilingualism, typical and impaired syntax processing. The articles presented here cover a number of linguistic phenomena, including passives, temporal concord, object pronouns, reflexives, embedded sentences, relative clauses, wh-movement, and binding theory. They also apply various experimental methods, such as eye tracking, reaction times, event-related potentials, picture selection tasks, sentence elicitation, pupillometry, and picture matching tasks. As such, this book details a number of the most representative methods used in language processing.

Vicenç Torrens is Associate Professor at National University of Distance Learning in Madrid, having received his PhD from the University of Barcelona. His research interests are the acquisition of clitic pronouns, tense, agreement, relative clauses, mood and aspect in first language acquisition and language impairment. He was previously a Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. He is the author of a number of books, as well as articles in journals such as Children, Memory and Cognition and Language Acquisition.

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