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    "[Second Thoughts on Capitalism and the State is a] profoundly reflective book shows a pathway forward for academics and activists alike who are stymied by the disconnect between deep critical scholarship and emancipatory social change, yet who will still not give up the good fight."

    - Professor Diane E. Davis, Harvard University

Cities and Protests: Perspectives in Spatial Criticism

The world has witnessed many protests in recent years over a range of issues, from climate change and rights of marginalized communities to threats to democracy or the rise of fundamentalism. This collection explores how any particular city (usually the capital of a nation) participates in, and provides answers and closure (or not) to, the issue and its protesters, negotiating both their identities and its own.

Dr Mamta Mantri specializes in spatial criticism, and explores the idea of ‘space’ through different media, in both theory and praxis. Through her research on museums and heritage conservation, her first book on Bombay, and her creation of living spaces with an Indian idiom, she reinforces her belief that ‘space’ is a personal, political, and creative expression.

“It is a delight to read with ease (a book to take on the train, or in the park to read) and without unnecessary jargon; it is poetic, and each chapter fits together neatly, synchronically. […] [If] Lefebvre (concerned with socio-spatial and urban theory), had been able to read the book, he would have delighted in its political, place-based grit, and its spatial poetics. The sketches are wonderful and the narrative throughout takes the reader behind the barricades and onto the compact streets of urban places; to the “protestors’ city”. […] [It is] a highly recommended text for students, scholars and anyone interested in the sociology and politics of protest in urban India.”
Dr Jim Taylor
Adjunct Associate Professor, Anthropology and Development Studies, University of Adelaide

Swati Bakshi

Sumedha Chakravarthy

Nayanika Chatterjee

Anoop Kumar

Mamta Mantri

Himalika Mohanty

Shaoni Pramanick

Zeba Rizvi

Sreejata Roy

Devapriya Sanyal

Shruti Sareen

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