Our Self-Organized Brains: A Systemic View of Human and Social Learning

This book describes the dynamic nature of the brain and its mechanisms to develop cognitive skills, specifically learning. It will facilitate the reader’s appreciation and understanding of many concepts linked to cognition using a systemic approach to neuroscience.

It introduces concepts of feedback control systems and self-organized systems that allow brain dynamics to be approached systemically, facilitating a holistic comprehension. The book is written in plain language and uses a wide variety of examples to facilitate its reading and understanding. It will serve to promote transdisciplinary communication in readers interested in the study of the fundamental dynamic aspects involved in the human learning process, both individually and socially.

Osvaldo Agamennoni has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and a PhD in Control Science, both from Universidad Nacional del Sur (National University of the South), Argentina. He also obtained postdoctoral experience at the University of Sydney (1992-1994), working on an artificial intelligence project. His research focuses on areas such as nonlinear dynamics and control, neural networks, machine learning, and neuroscience. For the last 15 years, he has been working on the evaluation of mild cognitive impairment through the modelling of eye movements. He is the co-founder of View Mind (https://viewmind.com.ar/en/), a start-up dedicated to keeping track of executive, attentional and memory functions, and related brain activities, through 10-minute, non-invasive, standardize automatized evaluation.

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