Bio-Art and the Environment: Complexity within Interconnectedness

Thanks to the ICT economy, today's world is witnessing a gradual process of transfer and displacement from a society based on the production of man-made material goods to a new society driven by science and knowledge. This new society uses human intelligence to try to solve cultural problems, to sustain activities, to rationalize performances, and to plan, program and develop strategies and projects for the future.

This book therefore proposes a multi-faceted framework through which contemporary art, biology, digital science, geology, technology, physiology, chemistry, and philosophy enter into debate and complement each other. It is structured around a number of logically interconnected questions, such as: “What is bio-art?”, “Can a laboratory artist manipulate living beings, perform complex hybridizations, and give birth to chimeras that would coexist with human beings?”, “Do we have the right to use them?”, “Should we authorize research that will allow the development of these techniques, prohibit such research, or fund it?”, and, “Do we have the right to create embryos for transplantation or injection?”

Amine Elgheryeni received his doctorate from the University of Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, France, and is Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the University of Gabés, Tunisia. He is also President of the Tunisian Association of Scientific Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property, and obtained an invention patent for the production of bio colors and the refilling of printer cartridges based on olive stones and the grease of camels’ humps as a fixative. He received the Léonardo de Vinci Prize at the Cannes Festival in 2014 for his work Biolivart. He has also exhibited his work in Berlin, and is the founder of the international exhibition “Grand Tunisian Trophy of Invention and Innovation”.

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