Digitalization in Organizations

This volume carries out an evaluation of the digital transformation process for organizations, which has accelerated further with the influence of COVID-19. It provides an up-to-date perspective by addressing organizational aspects and activities of different fields in the social sciences. The contributions gathered here discuss the digital transformation of social and organizational studies related to disciplines such as public practices, human resource management, finance, education, occupational health and safety, organizational behavior, health management, management strategies, entrepreneurship, and marketing. In this way, it will be possible to see and evaluate digitalization in various aspects of organizations.

Mehmed Zahid Çögenli completed his Master’s degree in the Department of Public Administration of Atatürk University, Turkey, before beginning his academic career as a Lecturer at Erzincan University, Turkey, in 2007. He received his PhD in Organizational Behavior from Muğla University, Turkey, in 2013, and he is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences of Uşak University, Turkey. He is the author of two books on mobbing and psychosocial approaches in occupational health and safety, as well as a number of book chapters and articles in the field of organizational behavior.

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Alkan Alkaya

Hüseyin Aslan

Emine Çetin Aslan

Meryem Aybas

Erhan Aydin

Ebru Aykan

Sevgin Batuk

Mehmet Cıranoğlu

Mehmed Zahid Çögenli

Gökhan Demirhan

Maia Diakonidze

Şerafettin Erten

Yasemin Harmancı

Emre Harorlı

Yılmaz Karadaş

Seda Karagöz Zeren

Meryem Kartal

Selma Kılıç Kırılmaz

Harun Kırılmaz

Müge Klein

Ercan Özen

Kübra Öztürk

Yeliz Polat

Serap Sap

Mustafa Tatlıcan

İbrahim Türkmen

Fatih Ulukaya

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