Innovations in the Entomological Surveillance of Vector-borne Diseases

Information on, and investigation of, the epidemiology and methods of vector-borne diseases is usually incorporated only sparsely into books about the epidemiology of infectious diseases. The most generally accessible sources are the WHO’s annual malaria guidelines and annual World Malaria Reports. In contrast, the details and findings of research are found in specialist journals, and explain the minute details of a particular situation.

This book is designed for people who need to investigate the sources of disease, and report their findings. Although it references hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, it presents the procedures that can be used by vector control and epidemiologists in straightforward language. It also makes mention of, and references, new and novel techniques that are currently being developed for investigations.

The book begins with an explanation of what is required to conduct vector-borne disease epidemiology, and why the focus of prevention is the biting insects and arthropods. It also shows how the environment is the main unit of investigation in this regard, and explains techniques for developing a comprehensive and linked surveillance system and for detecting a disease prior to the infection of a human index case.

Ronald Markwardt received his doctorate in Community Health Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago, followed by postdoctoral work in medical education. With decades of experience in education and social services, he worked for the Foundations of Public Health and the International Graduate Study and Human Resource Development at Burapha University, Thailand, for more than 10 years. When consulting for research design, his emphasis is on translational research, placing it within the context of public health.

Dr Prapa Sorosjinda-Nunthawarasilp received her PhD in Tropical Medicine from Mahidol University, Thailand. Her research explores tropical diseases, parasitology, and entomology, focusing on multi drug resistant malaria parasites and vector population dynamics. She is currently Director of the Public Health Laboratory – Molecular Research Unit at Burapha University, Thailand. She is an avid field researcher and investigates the vectors that transport tropical disease in the wild, identifying the most at-risk persons by their environmental exposure.

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