Luxury and American Consumer Culture: A Socio-Semiotic Analysis

Using concepts from semiotics, psychoanalytic theory, sociology, and Marxism, this book analyzes the role of luxury in American consumer culture. It offers case studies that deal with how our love of luxury affects our choices of automobiles, homes, restaurants, cruises, department stores, and hotels. It also adopts a global perspective and features analyses of luxury in China, Iran, Germany, Monaco, Russia, and Turkey by scholars from those countries.

Arthur Asa Berger is Professor Emeritus of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. He has published more than 100 articles and numerous books on media, popular culture, humor, and American culture, including Ads, Fads and Consumer Culture, Brands and Cultural Analysis, Shop ‘til You Drop, and Marketing and American Consumer Culture.

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Release Date: 30th June 2021

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