The Perfectly Competitive Market: A Pinnacle in the Development of the Laws of Classical Economics

Economics has two distinct faces, academic science and the real-world economy. If a university professor and an experienced business manager switched places one day, both would likely come to the disappointing conclusion that they barely understand each other’s ‘world’. This book serves to create a theoretical model of the economy that will be modern, simple, less prone to crises, and growing at a higher rate, made possible by the rapid development of computer technologies in recent decades.

Upon graduation from Moscow State University with a degree in Economics, Igor Golod worked as an entrepreneur and subsequently turned to theoretical economics. His solid business experience includes having owned and managed several industry-leading food processing and trading companies in Russia at the turn of the century. In 2002, he quit the entrepreneurial field in favor of science. While working as an independent economist, he formulated several important theoretical provisions on property, market regulators, costs, basic resources, types of basic transactions, price determination, and money.

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