Rituals of Ilé-Ifẹ̀, Nigeria: Narratives and Performances of Archetypes

This book showcases six prominent ritual festivals of Ile-Ifẹ̀, Nigeria: namely Ọ̀rànfè᷂̣, Ìtàpá, Òrìṣàlásẹ̀, Ọbaresé, Òrìṣàkirè and Ọwálàrẹ́. It reveals the hidden and enduring beauties of Ifẹ̀ ritual festivals, providing rare information about the region, the acclaimed origin place and spiritual capital of Yoruba people. Through profound analysis of each of the festivals, it affords information that is unusual in both depth and breadth. The text also provides pace for the views of the practitioners of culture-specific literary-ethnographic scholarship. It, however, pushes the critical edges of its engagement with the ritual festivals and represents an important record of enduring cultural legacies with the unusual capacity to inform about Ifẹ̀ rituals in a way that serves the interest of Yoruba cultural studies in general.

Morufu B. Omigbule teaches literature courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. His main area of research interest is folklore and African literature, although he has published across other areas of literary studies. He is an African Humanities Program Fellow, and a Visiting Researcher at the University of Dar es Salam, Tanzania, and Makarere University, Uganda. He is also a member of the Oral Traditions Society, the African Literature Association, the African Studies Association of Africa, and the Lagos Studies Association.

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