Culture at the Crossroads: From Epistemological Meanderings to Interdisciplinary Praxis

This collection explores the interfaces of culture, gender, and power from politico-religious, linguistic, legal and historiographic perspectives. More importantly, the contributions gathered here examine culture’s manifestations in different socio-economic, political, theoretical, and discursive contexts. Being aware of “the crisis in humanities,” researchers, scholars and experts seek to relocate culture and cultural studies within academia and analyze the epistemological relationship between culture and education, while also trying to eschew and refashion the stale conventional methodologies of approaching culture as an academic subject. Is it possible to go beyond the “crisis in humanities” by valorizing culture in social and human sciences, on the one hand, and natural and exact sciences, on the other, especially when we take into consideration the escalation of fundamentalist, extremist and xenophobic tendencies all over the globe? How can we approach the issues of ethics and teaching humanities and sciences? This book moves beyond conventional conceptions of culture that associate it with knowledge and enlightenment to suggest a holistic view of culture that enacts the dialectics of power, nationality, class, gender, and ethnicity in an ever-shifting transnational context.

Engaging readers in a lively intellectual and cultural debate, this volume is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, critics, and scholars from various academic fields and disciplines, including historiography, cultural studies, anthropology, political science, literature and critical theory.

Asma Hichri is a Lecturer in English Literature at the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis of the University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia. Her research interests include South African history and literature, English literature, African American history, and postmodernist and postcolonial studies. She has published in several international journals, including ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature, and The Journal of African Literature and Culture. In 2017, she co-edited, with Samira Mechri, a book titled Transnational Landscapes and Postmodern Poetics: Mapping Culture, Literature, and Politics.

Samira Mechri holds an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Warwick, UK, and a PhD in Cultural Studies from a joint programme between the University of Warwick and the Faculty of Arts of Manouba University, Tunisia. She is a Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia. Her areas of interest are post-colonial studies, travel literature, translation studies and international relations. She has published articles on colonial literature, travel writing, translation, and academic encounters. In 2017, she co-edited, with Asma Hichri, a book titled Transnational Landscapes and Postmodern Poetics: Mapping Culture, Literature, and Politics. She is currently Director of Studies and Internships and the Coordinator of the MA in English and International Relations at the Higher Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Tunis El Manar.

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Nadia Abid

Khedija Arfaoui

Lamia Bach Baoueb

Olfa Belgacem

Mohamed Amine Jelassi

Ayed Khedher

Boutheina Boughnim Laarif

Mounir Triki

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