Disruption Recovery in Air Traffic: An Airport Perspective

Disruptions to commercial airline schedules are frequent and can inflict significant costs. This is the first book to treat the optimisation of disruption management (irregular operations) in air traffic from a common good perspective that addresses the concerns of airlines, airports, air traffic service providers and, most importantly of all, the travelling public.

It describes a number of disruption management systems which are already in place at air traffic service (ATC) providers such as Airservices Australia. As such, the book will be of immense value to ATC providers, and will serve as a reference point for planners at airline operations centres who control movements within a 48-hour window. The optimisation techniques described here will also be very useful to academics and postgraduate students in civil aviation and operations research.

Prabhu Manyem has extensive experience in optimising the management of air traffic flow at airports, and has carried out case studies for disruption recovery at airports in Australia. He has taught various courses in optimisation at universities in both Australia and China. He has also worked in the American logistics industry, and obtained a doctorate in Operations Research at North Carolina State University.

“The book addresses multiple theoretical and practical aspects of dealing with airline schedule disruptions. Cooperative decision-making in such complex situations is a priority leading to the development of various management systems for air traffic service providers focusing on disruption recovery. The work summarizes more than a decade of the author’s research experience in this challenging field including the case studies for management, optimization, and recovery of schedule disruptions at Australian airports. The text is clear, concise, and detailed. It contains many examples with real-life data and various methods. […] Written with devotion to the research field and passion for operations research methodology, the book can be recommended as a guide to airline business experts and airport managers. The book can also be used in academia as an illustrative example of comprehensive research in a particular field of operations research for MBA scholars.”
Yury Nikulin
Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Turku, Finland

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