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    - Professor Diane E. Davis, Harvard University

Awareness Integration Therapy: Clear the Past, Create a New Future, and Live a Fulfilled Life Now

Every person that reaches out to a psychotherapist, counselor, or coach is seeking to learn skills that can be utilized daily to foster a successful and fulfilling life. This book offers a multi-modality step-by-step approach, which synthesizes numerous concepts from cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and body-mind theories for all mental health professionals across the world: Awareness Integration Therapy (AIT). AIT offers an effective tool to psychotherapists and coaches for supporting their clients to become aware of their inner process, and be accountable for it, as well as their results in all areas of their lives, with the utmost level of care and acceptance. The open-structured, client-centered interventions can be adapted to clients from all races, cultures and backgrounds around the globe. This is a must-read for all clinicians and coaches who desire to offer deep therapeutic work in a brief period of time suited for this era.

Dr Foojan Zeine Psychotherapist and the originator of “Awareness Integration” educational and psychological theory and intervention. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing online and in her office in Southern California. She has extensive experience treating depression, anxiety, traumas, and domestic violence, and has authored and co-authored five books, including Life Reset – The Awareness Integration Path to Create the Life You Want. She teaches at California State University Long Beach, and offers certification training programs to educate clinicians and coaches. She is the host of A Heartfelt Chat with Dr Foojan at KMET1490AM/ ABC Radio.

“As a senior researcher on the psychology of time perspective, I am delighted to endorse this masterpiece by Foojan Zeine. Its subtitle displays the scope of this unique contribution to our knowledge base (Clear the Past, Create a New Future, and Live a Fulfilled Life Now). By revealing how all current psychotherapies can be effectively integrated, Zeine provides therapists a solid foundation for their treatments within this arc of understanding.”
Phillip G. Zimbardo, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University

“Dr Foojan Zeine has walked a long and rocky road in her pursuit of knowledge and greater self-awareness, and we are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of her hard-earned insights and illuminating perspectives. Awareness Integration Therapy provides a fresh consideration of the many merits of awareness and the power to live well derived from this complex phenomenon. Perhaps the greatest strength of Dr Zeine’s sensitive and multi-dimensional approach to the subject is her emphasis on awareness with intention, the gentle path she charts to help people turn their pain into power.”
Michael D. Yapko, PhD
Clinical psychologist; Author, Keys to Unlocking Depression and The Discriminating Therapist.

“Dr Foojan Zeine has written an exceptional book elucidating her unique therapeutic approach for deep healing of the past and creative living into the future. Her approach is thorough, practical and visionary. It takes the best from cutting-edge psychological approaches and integrates and extends it in really great ways. I highly recommend the book!”
Stephen Gilligan, PhD
Psychologist; Author, The Courage to Love

“Dr Foojan Zeine has written one of the most comprehensive, innovative psychotherapy books to be published in several years. This book will systematically increase your awareness and most importantly Dr Zeine's principles will allow you to resolve the past and redirect the energy saved to your present and future life. Highly recommended.”
Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, EdD, PhD
Author, America Reunited, The Soulful Leader, and The Triumph of Diversity

“Dr Zeine’s latest book, Awareness Integration Therapy, ambitiously, sensitively, and meticulously details key ideas and effective methods for nurturing the growth of the self and one's relationships. AIT is grounded in, and consistent with, the work of the best theoreticians and clinicians of our times, and is rife with Dr Zeine’s own innovative, insightful, and compassionate thinking. Her book is a comprehensive plan for personal growth that promises enriching fulfillments to all those willing to take on the promising challenges of AIT. As a practicing psychologist of forty years, I am informed by Dr Zeine’s work and strongly recommend it to professionals, and non-professionals alike.”
Robert Johansen, PhD
Author, Need Management Therapy

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