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    "This is a great introduction to living with Type 1 diabetes both for healthcare professionals and people living with the condition. It covers all aspects of day-to-day management, including how to get the best out of the latest technology available. [A Guide to Type 1 Diabetes Management, Technology, and Everything Else You Need to Know is an] invaluable book that is highly recommended."

    - Chris Askew OBE, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK

Exploring Practical Perspectives of Emotional Intelligence: Harnessing the Power Within

This book focuses on developing our emotional intelligence by exploring our thinking, emotions, what we say, and how we act, towards supporting personal growth and development, while refuelling our emotional “tank”. Challenging experiences can be transformational, and this book is written for those who want to grow through life’s successes and struggles but might not know where to start. Self-awareness, resilience, empathy, compassion fatigue, grief and loss, rejection, spiritual well-being, and managing our emotions are presented within these pages, and are important skills which we need to succeed and grow.

The book is full of original insights, heart-warming stories, ideas, and practical activities that will cheer readers on in their personal development adventure. It demystifies emotional intelligence by explaining it in everyday language, yet has a strong theoretical underpinning making it useful for individuals, as well as an academic educational resource. It is designed to be used by an independent reader or, equally, for the purpose of supplementing a professional development course or workshop.

Dr Lesley Gill is an Associate Professor in the School of Business at Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand. Her teaching and research focuses on personal development training, as well as formal teaching in Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Business Transformation, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management. She also supervises Masters and PhD students. Dr Gill specialises in personal development training, which has emerged from her considerable experience meeting with and training people from all walks of life. She was also the Chief Editor and a contributor to Collective Voices of COVID-19: Otago Polytechnic Experiences, a book that captures the diverse perspectives of Otago Polytechnic staff during New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown experiences in 2020. She also co-edited and co-authored Organisations and Management, a textbook for business students.

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