Why We Study the Physics of the Ocean: What Physical Oceanographers Really Do

Why We Study the Physics of the Ocean: What Physical Oceanographers Really Do

This book reviews the field of physical oceanography, starting with its history and culminating in the past, present and future challenges of this scientific discipline. It introduces the different aspects of the science, and presents the observational and computational tools used by physical oceanographers. It discusses the day-to-day activities of the physical oceanographers located at universities, government laboratories and industry, and relates the physics of the ocean to such topical issues as climate change and ocean forecasting. The book also presents a review of the historical challenges for physical oceanography and an overview of some of the most important challenges facing physical oceanography today. Reading this book will prove useful to anyone wanting to better understand how the ocean fits into the complex system that makes up the global environment.

William Emery is an Emeritus Professor in the Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder, having previously taught at the University of British Columbia and Texas A&M University. He has been working in satellite remote sensing since 1978, and, since 1987, has broadened his interest to land applications of remote sensing, particularly for vegetation and for urban problems. He has published over 211 research papers, three major textbooks, and one popular non-fiction book. He has also translated three oceanographic books from German to English.

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