A Study of Place in Short Fiction by James Joyce, William Faulkner and Sherwood Anderson

This book sheds light on the modernist short story cycle and its pivotal role in representing and depicting place. With an ever-changing attitude towards place and what it means, modernist writers found in the short story cycle a suitable form to depict this sense of change.

Drawing from a range of recent theories of the short story cycle and theories of place, this book highlights, in a comparative way, the role of the emergent short story genre and its seminal role in grasping and capturing a fragmented world through the various short and interconnected narratives and narrative strategies a short story cycle can accommodate. As such, this text contributes to the study of the modernist short story (cycle), American literature, Irish literature, comparative literature, and theories and studies of place.

Abd Alkareem Atteh received a PhD from the University of Essex, UK, on the subjects of modernism, place and the short story cycle. His work focuses on place, modernist fiction, American literature, Irish literature, and creative writing.

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