The Airport Economist Flies Again!

How does an economist meet Borat in London and Tony Blair in Kazakhstan? Or meet Sachin Tendulkar in the morning and Miss Universe in the afternoon in Mumbai? Or ride camels in Abu Dhabi and Alpaca in Peru? The Airport Economist Tim Harcourt has done all this and many more in his travels and discoveries on what makes the global economy tick. With a clever turn of phrase, witty observations and links to a wealth of supporting data, The Airport Economist Flies Again! proves that there is an export dimension to everything and that not all economics writing has to leave you high and dry!

This book demystifies the global economy to make economics and international trade both accessible and entertaining to the general reader. In addition to providing some general lessons and insights on economics and international trade, it offers practical business tips for travellers doing business from Mongolia to Mexico and South Korea to Kazakhstan.

Tim Harcourt is Professor of Practice in Economics at the University of New South Wales Business School, Sydney. A prolific author and globetrotter, he has visited over 60 countries in the past five years alone. Tim hosts The Airport Economist TV show about doing business internationally and The Airport Economist podcast. He is the author of several books on the international economy including the original bestseller The Airport Economist.

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