Broadband UV-, VIS-, and IR-Radiometric, Photometric, Color, and Temperature Measurements

In most field applications, broadband measurements are used where the spectral product of the source distribution and the meter’s spectral responsivity is measured. This book discusses detector-based radiometric, photometric, color, radiation-temperature, digital imaging-system, and LED measurements. It also shows that, while in photometry, the meter’s standard response covers only the visible, broadband measurements in the UV and IR require different standards. To avoid large errors when using a traditional detector- or source-standard, where the differences in the source distributions and in the meter’s responsivities produce large errors, the signal measurement procedure itself must be standardized. To satisfy the steps of the procedure, selected or properly designed meters should be used. This book is a guide to performing uniform broadband measurements with low uncertainty.

Dr George P. Eppeldauer retired from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in October 2019, having previously served as Project Leader of Detector Metrology. During his career, he developed standard optical radiometers, photometers, colorimeters, and radiation thermometers, and realized detector responsivity based scales. He was the lead author and editor of the NIST Technical Notes #1438 and #1621, and he received the Gold Medal Award from the US Department of Commerce in 2010 for developing SIRCUS, the highest accuracy reference spectral-responsivity calibration facility of NIST. He is the author of 198 articles and book chapters.

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