The Physical Reality of Applied Quantum Optics: Physics versus Mathematics

This book scrutinises, physically, the devices and components used in quantum optic experiments, revealing various, hitherto ignored, phenomena, including quantum Rayleigh spontaneous and stimulated emissions, the unavoidable parametric amplification of spontaneous emission, and the formation of groups of monochromatic photons in a high finesse cavity incorporating a quantum dot. The book also explores self-contained quantisation of the optical field without any harmonic oscillators leading to the dynamic and coherent number states, the intrinsic optical field of photons and their localised spatial distributions, and instantaneous and localised photon-dipole interactions by means of pure, dynamic and coherent number states. In addition, it looks at the quantum evolution and predictions being described by the Ehrenfest theorem, for any level of optical field excitation, in order to evaluate the expectation value of an operator in the context of a given set of pure wavefunctions, and identifies quantum phenomena at the level of single events and measurements with a space- and time-dependence, leading to quantum locality and realism. Overall, the book shows that there are no quantum optic “miracles” once the physically present effects are correctly identified.

Andre Vatarescu obtained his MSc in Optical Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, in 1982, and his PhD in Optical Physics from the Australian National University in 1988. He recently resumed his research activities after retiring from his professional activities in optical transmission systems. Not being beholden to a limited physical approach, he noticed that the process of quantum Rayleigh scatterings in a homogeneous dielectric medium had been totally overlooked in any theory aimed at explaining experimental outcomes. He realised that, once the quantum Rayleigh conversions of photons are taken into consideration, the miraculous outcomes of experiments conducted in the quantum regime of a low number of photons can be easily explained.

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