Memorializing and Decolonizing Practices in the Francophone Caribbean and Other Spaces

This collection of essays focuses on the notion of the ‘mark’, through its manifold dimensions, including heritage, race, genes, stereotypes, traumas and scars, in order to tackle contemporary phenomena and issues such as identity, queerness, emancipation and heritage. It does so by channelling reflections through a variety of art forms, including visual art, performance, cinema, distillery, and literature. Hybrid in its approaches, this collection gathers together self-portraits, analytical essays, and ethnographies to discuss self-determination at a crossroads between intimacy and geopolitics throughout postcolonial France and the French Caribbean.

Stéphanie Melyon-Reinette, PhD is an American sociologist and a performer artist. She is an explorer, with her various works—scientific, poetic, performative, and choreographical—being intrinsically linked and operating in reverberation. Apart from researching migration and identity, sexualities and gender (specifically in the Black Atlantic area) she is the author of articles about Black music and poetry in La Verdad. An international Dialogue on Hip Hop Latinidades (2016) and Musiques Noires. L’histoire d’une résistance sonore (2016). As an artist, her explorative modes intersect and she also dedicates her research to the Black and colonial body in performance.

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Aminat Lawal Agoro

Geordy Zodidat Alexis

Minia Biabiany

Jean-François Boclé

Chantaléa Commin

Daniel Dabriou

Yaima Santana Galindo

kimura byol-nathalie lemoine

Stéphane Madkaud

Stéphanie Melyon-Reinette

Frédérique Menant

Nathalie Menant

Jessica Oublié

Pierre Reinette

Luc Reinette

Michel Reinette

Luc Saint-Eloi

Alinta Sara

Laurence Vanceunebrock

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