The Ecological Footprint of Tourism: A Case Study of the Greek Hotel Sector

This book can be considered as a unique addition to the fields of social and environmental sciences. It adopts a methodological approach in calculating the Ecological Footprint of Tourism (TEF), through a specific case study related to the hospitality sector in Greece. The book provides useful insights on the TEF as an environmental and sustainability indicator within the ongoing energy transition and under the pressures exercised by climate change and mass tourism models. It introduces the reader to the concepts of ecological footprint, climate change, sustainable development and renewable energy governance, and their role in shaping 21st century tourism.

This work will be of interest to students, academics and researchers engaged with tourism, energy, and environmental management, as well as various tourism stakeholders, as it details how to measure environmental impact and promote sustainability in tourism, through the utilization of the Ecological Footprint.

Dr Dimitrios A. Parpairis is a Visiting Lecturer and Research Fellow in Tourism Management at the School of Business Administration of the University of the Aegean, Greece, and Postgraduate Research Supervisor at the Hellenic Open University, Greece. His research focuses on the fusion of renewable energy with tourism, through the utilization of the Tourism Ecological Footprint as a sustainability indicator. He received his PhD from the University of the Aegean, his MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business, his MSc from University College London, and and his BEng from Sussex University, UK. He is also an Executive Energy Leader, having accumulated more than two decades of business experience in prominent corporations around the globe

Dr Dimitrios G. Lagos is a Professor of Tourism Economics and Business Management and the former President and Dean of the School of Business Administration of the University of the Aegean, Greece. He has also held the positions of President of the Hellenic Regionalist Association, Director of the Interdepartmental Program of Post-Graduate Studies in Tourism Planning, Management and Policy at the University of the Aegean, and Advisor Professor in the Post-Graduate Program of Tourist Business Management at the Department of Social Sciences of the Hellenic Open University, Greece. His research areas of interest are regional tourism development, tourism economics, tourism planning and special interest tourism. He holds a PhD in Tourism Regional Development from the Panteion University of Athens.

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