Women and Nonviolence

This innovative collection emphasises the contribution of women to the resolution of conflicts through the means of nonviolent tools. It discusses their achievements and their tactics, bringing together international scholars to draw on intersectionality as an important methodological tool in the analysis of the work of many outstanding women from diverse countries such as Yemen, Nigeria, Russia, India and the USA. The focus of this volume is the impact of women successfully building peace though nonviolent means. It also provides a study of how, and why, gender matters in the contemporary world, and will serve the needs of students and scholars in peace and conflict resolution studies, women’s studies, international development, political science, history and sociology.

Anna Hamling, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Culture and Media Studies at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. She is the author of four books in four different languages (Spanish, English, Russian, and Polish) on the religious essays of Leo Tolstoy and Miguel de Unamuno, as well as over 60 articles and encyclopaedia entries covering topics in religion, peace studies, philosophy of nonviolence, and Spanish and Latin American culture and literature. She is also the editor of three volumes, including Contemporary Icons of Nonviolence (2020).

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Olayinka Adeniyi

Nilgun Anadolu-Okur

Mayy ElHayawi

Selina Gallo-Cruz

Michael Iasilli

Maria Kardashevskaya

Maria Rosa Lehmann

Alla Myzelev

Livinus Okeke

Anwar Ouassini

Nabil Ouassini

Srija Sanyal

Oluwaseyitan Ayotunde Solademi

Dagmar Wernitznig

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