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Reflecting on Presence in Nursing: A Guide for Practice and Research

Presence is essential in nursing. It means to connect with, and attune to, another person for the purpose of healing and enrichment. This book explores the importance of presence in nursing, gathering together various personal accounts of its use in both research and practice. It will allow the reader to reflect on presence, connecting, attuning, finding meaning and joy, and delivering care in a relational way. This book will also be of particular interest to nurse educators and trainers interested in guiding others to acquire presence, in addition to healthcare managers, who will benefit from the chapter on promoting quality in healthcare through relational leadership. The text also has valuable new information to offer to the researcher interested in presence and related concepts such as relational care and relational leadership in healthcare.

Emmerentia du Plessis works as a Professor at the School of Nursing Science of North-West University, South Africa. She conducts research on presence in nursing, and provides supervision to post-graduate students. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on the topic of presence, as well as issues such as communication skills, psychiatric nursing and nursing education. She also offers a community counselling service, and initiated several social media platforms to create awareness about presence in nursing.

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