Issues of Identity Metamorphoses in Transitional Epochs: Social Changes and Mental Evolution

Modern mankind is today experiencing one of the largest transitional periods in history: from local civilizations to global planetary space. The ongoing, ambiguous processes of blurring economic, political and cultural lines bring the problem of collective and individual identity to the forefront of humanities research.

What metamorphoses does identity undergo in transitional periods of the past? How are socio-political processes linked with the evolution of mentality? These issues resolved within a wide chronological framework here, highlighting geographical boundaries. The book shows how one can identify the peculiarity of identification processes by analyzing diverse sources and using modern methodologies. It will appeal to a wide range of humanities scholars and readers interested in identity problems throughout history, and provides various examples of real-life experience in a number of transitional epochs, accompanied by the dynamics of the identity of both individuals and social groups.

Elena Litovchenko is an Associate Professor in the Department of World History at Belgorod National Research University, Russia. She is a member of the Russian Society of Classical Studies and the Russian Association of Byzantinists. She is the author of the book Last Intellectuals of the Late Antique Age: Tradition and Transitivity (2011) and such papers as “Classical and Christian Tradition in the Mentality of Late Antiquity’s Intellectuals” in The Journal of Education and Science “Istoriya” [“History”] (2012); “Three Types of Coexistence of Pagan and Christian Elements in the Late Roman Intellectuals’ Mentality” in Journal of History Culture and Art Research (2018); and “Sidonius Apollinaris as a flexible thinking person of Fifth-Century Gaul” in Journal of Research in Applied Linguistics (2019).

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Dmitry Bogdanov

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Mikhail Gratsianskiy

Iosif Hadjikyriakos

Sergey Kutomanov

Elena Litovchenko

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