A Predictive Theory of Mental Evolution and Its Consequences

The premise of this book is that the external world can be known only as an internally constructed model. Therefore, a careful analysis of how internal correlates are created can unify and explain disparate and fundamental scientific concerns. Among these are the nature of mathematics, the origin of time, and a predictive theory of mental evolution whose stages culminate in an unambiguous and rigorous definition of consciousness. Validation of this theory’s predictions explains the sequence and meaning of Paleolithic Age artifacts and identifies a temporal origin of language. Additional consequences of the theory identify strict limits of scientific knowledge and an essential commonality of mathematical logic shared by all sentient species. The book will appeal to anyone interested in the origin of the human mind and a rigorous scientific explanation of the emergence of consciousness.

David A. Steinberg is a Senior Fellow and Research Director at the Fiddletown Institute, USA. His research interests focus on the intersection of theoretical neuroscience, mathematics, and physics. In particular, he is interested in how the biological structure of organisms affects the form and content of the natural sciences. An exploration of these topics has resulted in the publication of around 30 peer-reviewed articles, research awards from Stanford University, UC Davis, and the American Neurological Association, and presentations at numerous international conferences and symposia.

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