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    "[Genetically Modified Organisms: A Scientific-Political Dialogue on a Meaningless Meme is] presents the debate associated with introducing GMOs as a traditional debate between science and progress against dogma. After reading it, I hope that science will win for the sake of all of us."

    - Professor David Zilberman, University of California at Berkeley

Security Issues in the Context of Political Violence and Terrorism of the 21st Century

Political violence and terrorism have increased their negative effects on public order in recent years. This book draws attention to this issue, presenting in-depth analysis of recent events in many parts of the world in the context of international security, terrorism and radicalism. In addition, it will serve as a new and up-to-date resource for researchers who working on international security and terrorism around the world. It establishes links between the assessment of political violence and terrorism and the concept of security. As a result, it highlights the increasing importance of security, which is one of the biggest problem areas of our age.

Hasan Acar completed his Master’s degree and doctorate at the Department of Political Science of Uludag University, Turkey, and is currently teaching at Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy. His work focuses on security, international politics, Turkish political life, and nationalism. Due to his success in the fight against terrorism, he was awarded the “Operation against Terrorism Medal Ribbon”.

Halil Emre Deniş received his Master’s degree from Pamukkale University, Turkey, in 2011 and his PhD from Erciyes University, Turkey, in 2018. He also received a journalism doctorate from Marmara University, Turkey, in 2019. He is currently working as a faculty member at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Hakkari University, Turkey.

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A. İnci Sökmen ALACA

Muhammad Ali Baig


Mehmet Halil Mustafa BEKTAŞ


İbrahim İRDEM



Tacettin Gökhan ÖZÇELİK


Ergenekon Savrun

Hassan TARIQ

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