Helping You Successfully Manage Your Headache and Migraine: A Patient’s Guide

Authored by a consultant neurologist who sees about a thousand headache patients a year and with 20 years of experience, this book is designed to help headache and migraine sufferers who have heard such statements as, “there is nothing else we can do to help you”, “we have tried all possible medications”, or “this is just stress-related”. Advising on what can be done to alleviate and even prevent symptoms, this book provides the reader with a better understanding of headaches and a guide to their self-management. There are over 150 types of headache, and, once the doctor knows what type they are dealing with, they are a long way towards treating it successfully.

Dr Jitka Vanderpol has been a Consultant Neurologist since 2005. She co-developed a new ‘Close to Home’ neurology service in Cumbria, UK, and currently leads the Cumbria Headache Service she established in 2012. She graduated from the First Medical Faculty of Charles University, Prague, in 1998, and was nominated to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London in 2012. She completed her MBA (exec.) with merit at Durham University Business School, UK, in 2014. Dr Vanderpol is an innovative clinician and researcher, and a leader on novel headache research. She was awarded First Place in the Innovative Technology or Device category at the Bright Ideas in Health Awards 2015. She is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire UK, a faculty member and speaker at the Headache Academy and Neurology Academy, UK, and a nationally recognised expert in the field of headache and migraine.

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Release Date: 17th February 2021

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