The Militarization of the European Union

From the establishment of NATO in 1949, Western Europe has been under Anglo-American tutelage in military and security matters. Several countries, most notably France and (since reunification) Germany, have experienced this as a hindrance to the pursuit of their particular interests. Since 2008, the European Commission has actively joined the quest for “strategic autonomy” within NATO. The elections of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron in 2016-17 further widened the Atlantic rift, while the COVID-19 crisis with its colossal economic costs has, in turn, exacerbated the already worsening geopolitical tensions with states like Russia and China. With chapters on the politics and economics of European defence, on France, Germany, and Russia, the EU’s energy provision, the militarization of migration control, and the restructuring of the transatlantic bond, this volume offers an up-to-date, critical assessment of the militarization of European integration, written by established scholars in the fields of international relations and security studies.

Kees van der Pijl served as a Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and as Professor at the University of Sussex, UK, until 2012. He has been a Visiting Professor at universities in France and Italy, and, since his retirement, has continued as a researcher, speaker and peace and democracy activist. His books have appeared in Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Russian, and include The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class (1984; new edition, 2012), Transnational Classes and International Relations (1998), Global Rivalries from the Cold War to Iraq (2006), Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy (trilogy; 2007-2010-2014), and Flight MH17, Ukraine and the New Cold War: Prism of Disaster (2018). He has edited several collections, including, most recently, the Handbook of the International Political Economy of Production (2015).

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Mark Akkerman

Hans-Jürgen Bieling

Yury Gromyko

Iraklis Oikonomou

Claude Serfati

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