Personal Identity between Philosophy and Psychology: A Perpetual Metamorphosis?

What is personal identity? What forms its nature? Is there a difference between identity and personality? What makes a ‘person’ an individual, and what exactly is the person? What role is played by character, nature, environment, society, values and destiny in defining and substantiating a personal identity?

The dialectics of different disciplinary approaches and knowledges, as well as different theoretical-speculative perspectives and traditions, can be more productive in deepening and readdressing problems concerning human identity. It is by following this line of reasoning that this book analyses and discusses the above questions from the dialectical perspective of psychoanalysis, psychiatry and philosophy. It offers a new point of departure for theoretical-scientific and speculative advancement. The book also reconsiders the fundamental characteristics of a dynamic and hermeneutic vision of identity, tracing a middle-way perspective and, at the same time, absorbing Wilfred Bion’s idea of transformation and Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy of translation.

Vinicio Busacchi is Associate Professor of Theoretical Philosophy and a member of the Doctoral Committee at the University of Cagliari, Italy. He is a member of the research group on Psychoanalysis, Hermeneutics and Phenomenology in Rome and co-founder and Co-Director of Critical Hermeneutics. Biannual International Journal of Philosophy. His research interests are focused in hermeneutics, epistemology of the social sciences and Buddhist studies. His published works include The Recognition Principle (2015) and Action, Intersubjectivity and Narrative Identity (2019).

Giuseppe Martini is a Psychoanalyst at the Italian Psychoanalytic Association, and served as Head Physician of the Psychiatric Service at the Holy Spirit Hospital, Rome; and Department of Mental Health, Rome, from 1993 to 2017. He is author of several clinical studies on psychoses, depression and schizophrenia and several theoretical studies of the relationship between psychoanalysis, psychiatry and hermeneutics. His published works include La sfida dell’irrappresentabile (2005) and La psicosi e la rappresentazione (2011).

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