Translating Cultures in Search of Human Universals

Informed by the anthropological research of Professor Donald E. Brown on human universals, this book compiles 10 articles exploring the representation of common human cultural practices and concerns in literature, cinema and language. The book as a whole demonstrates not only that Brown’s human universals are shared by different cultures, but most importantly that they have the potential to form a basis for inter- and intra-cultural communication and consolidation, bridging gaps of misinformation and miscommunication, both spatial and temporal.

The contributors are Egyptian scholars who cross temporal and spatial boundaries and borders from Africa and the Middle East to Asia, Europe and the Americas, and dive deep into the heart of the shared human universals of myth, folklore and rituals, dreams, trauma, cultural beliefs, search for identity, language, translation and communication. They bring their own unique perspectives to the investigation of how shared human practices and concerns seep through the porous boundaries of different cultures and into a variety of creative and practical genres of fiction, drama, autobiography, cinema and media translation. Their research is interdisciplinary, informed by anthropological, social, psychological, linguistic and cultural theory, and thus offers a multi-faceted and multi-layered view of the human experience.

Ikram Ahmed Elsherif is Associate Professor of English and American Literature at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt. She holds a PhD in African American Literature from Royal Holloway, University of London, and an MA in Modern British Fiction. She received several Fulbright study and research grants to obtain teaching certifications from Ohio University, USA, Alexandria University, Egypt, and Saint Michael’s College, USA. She was a Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellow at the Newberry Library, Chicago, USA, 2004-2005, and was awarded the St. Mary’s College, Durham University, Women’s Visiting Academic Fellowship for the year 2013-2014. Her research interests focus on post-colonial studies, cultural studies and ethnic and minority literatures. She is the editor of the books Challenges and Channels: English Language and Literature at a Crossroads of Cultures and Adventuring in the Englishes.

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Hebatallah Aref

Hiba Bushiha

Heba El-Abbadi

Olfat Nour El-Din

Manar El-Wahsh

Mahmoud Hamed ElSherif

Amal Mazhar

Amani Wagih

Nada Zeyada

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