Improving Teachers’ Understanding of Antisocial Orientation

Teaching can be a challenging and demanding profession because teachers must deliver lessons that meet the educational needs of a diverse range of learners. Student misbehavior during class time is expected, and, therefore, many teacher training programs provide training in classroom management. However, teachers and school staff have expressed concerns about students disregarding classroom management interventions. Furthermore, they have also indicated a lack of training in how to manage and respond to student aggression and violence. Students who are hostile, aggressive, defiant, and engaging in antisocial behaviors are said to be expressing an antisocial orientation. The purpose of this book is to improve teachers’ understanding of such antisocial orientation through an examination of how it is pathologized and assessed, the biological and sociological factors involved in its expression, and the pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments for youth with an antisocial orientation. The book concludes with classroom strategies and interventions that can ameliorate symptoms associated with antisocial orientation, and proposes potential modifications to the school environment that can foster a prosocial orientation.

Salvatore B. Durante graduated from the University of Alberta, Canada, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and English, a Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Education, and a Master of Education degree in Counselling Psychology. He is a substitute teacher with the Edmonton Public School District, and has worked predominately in special education programs for students with an antisocial orientation, learning disorders, and other mental health concerns.

Dr John R. Reddon received his MSc from the University of Alberta, Canada, and his PhD from the University of Western Ontario. Since 1983, he has worked at Alberta Hospital Edmonton, a psychiatric and forensic facility. Since 1995, he has also been an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Alberta. He is the author of over 140 journal articles and book chapters and one book.

Dr Jan E. Reddon received her MEd and PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta, Canada. Since 1998, she has served in the child and adolescent inpatient psychiatry program at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Canada. As Senior Psychologist, she is actively involved in psychiatric and psychoeducational assessment and consultation with psychiatric and paramedical staff and school teachers.

“Overall, “Improving Teachers’ Understanding of Antisocial Orientation” offers an empathetic and up-to-date review of AO that can provide a common understanding for collaborators that wish to address issues related to student hostility.”
Emily Beaulieu
University of Alberta

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