The Scholar’s Thomas Jefferson: Vital Writings of a Vital American

In spite of Thomas Jefferson’s myriad beneficial accomplishments in so many disciplines, he is best known for his political feats—both his successes (the Declaration of Independence, Louisiana Purchase, and numerous bills drafted) and his failures (such as his spell as wartime governor of Virginia and the embargo during his second term as President). Consequently, though all collections of Jefferson’s thousands of writings offer a sampling of the diversity of his interests, all compilations focus on Jefferson the politician, and that is regrettable for scholars with an interest in the breadth and depth of the amazing mind of Thomas Jefferson.

This book serves to remedy that shortcoming. It is a unique collection of Jefferson’s writings, tailored to scholars who wish to have access to all aspects of his far-reaching mind. There are sections on politics and political theory, morality and religion, thoughts on theory and praxis of education, and miscellanea, which is a sort of grab-bag for relevant topics that do not neatly fit into the first three parts.

M. Andrew Holowchak, Ph.D., is a retired professor of philosophy and history, and editor of The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Time. He is author and editor of over 50 books and nearly 175 published essays on topics such as ethics, ancient philosophy, science, psychoanalysis, and critical thinking. His current research focuses on Thomas Jefferson—he is acknowledged by several scholars to be the world’s foremost authority on the thinking of Jefferson—and he has published 16 books and over 100 essays on him.

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