Shi‘ism in the Maghrib and al-Andalus, Volume Two: Traditions

Shi‘ism in the Maghrib and al-Andalus provides a panoramic view of the Shi‘ite presence in North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula.

This second volume provides a sweeping study of Aljamiado literature. It features Morisco traditions that are translated into English for the very first time. Not only were Moriscos producing original works of Shi‘ite inspiration, they were also citing classical Shi‘ite sources that were produced by Zaydis, Isma‘ilis, Twelvers, and even Nusayris. As this book’s comprehensive coverage reveals, some Moriscos were drawing from the works of Imam ‘Ali, Kulayni, Bahrani, Saduq, Rawandi, Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani, Ibn Tawus, Mufid, Bakri, Tusi, Kaf‘ami, and even Majlisi. They were studying Shi‘ite traditions, reciting Shi‘ite prayers, marking the martyrdom of Imam Husayn, and reading about the lives of the twelve Imams.

By re-examining, re-assessing, and rewriting the religious and political history of the region, Shi‘ism in the Maghrib and al-Andalus makes a revolutionary contribution to scholarship in the field.

John Andrew Morrow was introduced to Aljamiado-Morisco literature by the legendary Ottmar Hegyi, the author of Cinco leyendas y otros relatos moriscos and Cervantes and the Turks, while an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. With the encouragement of his mentor, he completed an Honors BA, MA, and PhD, combining, as much as possible, his fervor for Hispanic, Native, and Islamic studies. Morrow’s love for the Moriscos and their literature, which was planted by Professor Hegyi, produced a passion that he would pursue for decades.

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