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War, Diplomacy and Peacemaking in Medieval Iberia

This volume offers insights into the nature of warfare, diplomacy and peacemaking on the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages, and the influences and entanglements resulting from these processes. The essays collected here emphasize both violent conflict and the brokering of allegiances and settlements, either within polities and common endeavours or between rival entities (such as the taifas of Seville and Badajoz in the fractious eleventh century). The volume begins with an account of Muslim warlords who sought service under Christian rulers in the tenth century and their historiographical fates, and embraces the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, from its western coast, in an analysis of the tightrope walked by the Galician monastery of Oia in maintaining its Portuguese domains at times of bitter conflict between Castile and its neighbour, to its eastern coast, as Catalan and Aragonese merchants coped with pirates and state-sponsored confiscation in the fifteenth century.

Kim Bergqvist is a doctoral candidate in Medieval History in the Department of History at Stockholm University, Sweden, where he is completing a dissertation on aristocratic insurrections, resistance, and political values in Castile-León and Sweden in the period c. 1250–1370. His research has appeared in Collegium Medievale and The Medieval Chronicle.

Kurt Villads Jensen is Professor of Medieval History at Stockholm University, Sweden. He has worked on crusades and conversion, and has published Crusading at the Edges of Europe. Denmark and Portugal c.1000–c.1250 (2017). He is the editor of a number of volumes, including Medieval Christianity in the North (2013) and Saints and Sainthood around the Baltic Sea (2018).

Anthony John Lappin is Lecturer in Spanish at Stockholm University, Sweden. He has published widely on medieval and Baroque topics, and is currently preparing a study of Christian-Muslim interaction in the Iberian Peninsula.

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