Predictive Models for Soil Contaminants: A Source Book for Research and Development

This book makes available, for the first time, a collection of instantly predictive spreadsheet models for the behaviour of soil contaminants. It provides graphic presentations of predictions which show the separate, but connected, physical and chemical changes, as well as numerical data for these changes. The models discussed here are predictive because they discuss these separate but connected physical chemical processes through conventional chemical kinetics, which is supported by experimental stoichiometry. The book will appeal to those who need better technology in dealing with soil contaminants, such as governments and multinational companies, but will also be of interest to chemists, hydrology engineers, and toxicologists engaged in pure and applied environmental science research, as well as educators.

Donald Stanton Gamble received his BSc and MSc in Chemistry from Dalhousie University, Canada, and his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the State University at Buffalo, USA. He is currently Adjunct Professor in the Chemistry Department of Saint Mary’s University, Canada, and his contributions to theory and experimental methods have resulted in his appointment as Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada. His research focuses on physical chemistry and analytical chemistry of soil and water, with a particular interest in soil contaminants.

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