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Shifting Toponymies: (Re)naming Places, (Re)shaping Identities

Far from being objective and static pointers, place-names are dynamic tools of inscription used to (re)shape both our surroundings and our identities. This book examines the shifting tides in the complex relationship between places, identities, and toponyms to unveil the multilayered embeddedness of (re)naming practices.

The volume presents original contributions to this rich field of enquiry, and fosters a multidisciplinary approach in exploring the broad theme of (re)naming and identity. Ranging from theoretical discussions to in-depth case studies, the chapters featured here investigate the often controversial, but ever-fascinating, relationship between toponyms and identity. As a privileged medium of expression, place-names constitute both an instrument and a vehicle for conveying identity, values, and visions of the world across space and time.

The multifaceted geopolitical, historical, and linguistic issues tackled here make this volume a valuable resource to academics and postgraduate students from a broad spectrum of disciplines, including onomastics and linguistics, sociology, history, government planning and policy, Holocaust studies, postcolonial studies, and media studies.

Luisa Caiazzo is Associate Professor of English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Basilicata, Italy. She has authored several publications on institutional discourse, gender and translation, evaluative language around names, and co-edited a volume on naming and tourism. She is Allied Conference Coordinator of the American Name Society.

I.M. Nick holds a PhD and the German “Habilitation” in English Linguistics, as well as an MSc in Forensic and Investigative Psychology. Her research areas include forensic linguistics, language policy, Holocaust studies, slavery, and onomastics. She is the President of the Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL) and immediate Past President of the American Name Society (ANS). She is also Editor-in-Chief of NAMES, the ANS scholarly journal for onomastic research.

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