Meeting the Teaching and Learning Challenges in 21st Century Higher Education: Universal Design

Universal design has traditionally focused on learning spaces—that is, the physical buildings and areas that support teaching and learning. This book takes a broad interpretation of this concept to include a specific focus on teaching and learning practice in higher education. It draws from the expertise of a range of professionals working in higher education across three countries (the UK, China and Malaysia), thus giving voice to rarely explored debates around teaching and learning, but also drawing from different cultural perspectives. The volume also explores challenges that arise when delivering higher education courses in the 21st century and possible solutions that attempt to address such challenges. As such, it has a practical focus that will appeal to HE practitioners who are keen to enhance their own practice and, as a consequence, student outcomes.

Dr Tina Byrom is an educational professional with considerable experience across both compulsory and post compulsory education settings. Her PhD, completed at the University of Nottingham, UK, in 2008, focused on interventions that support students who go into higher education from disadvantaged backgrounds. Social justice influences much of her research work, and she is the author of numerous publications, including seven book chapters and six journal articles that explore notions of ‘fit’ within higher education. She co-authored a book titled Young and Homeless: Exploring the Education, Life Experiences and Aspirations of Homeless Youth, and participated in a Cabinet Office-funded evaluation of interventions used to support homeless young people back into education. Currently working in professional development, she delivers developmental opportunities for staff to enhance their teaching and learning practices.

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