Transcultural Spaces and Identities in Iberian Studies

This volume brings together innovative research across the diverse field of Iberian Studies, including insights from economics, society, politics, literature, cinema and other art forms, either in a revisionist perspective or incorporating new data. Reflecting recent developments in the field, the subject matter extends beyond the boundaries of Spain and Portugal, as it also includes transnational and transatlantic interconnections with Europe, Africa and the Americas and its scope ranges from the nineteenth century to the effects of the Catalan independence crisis and Brexit. The 18 chapters here are authored by established academics and early career researchers from the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Japan and the USA. The book will appeal to students, researchers and all who have a particular interest in deepening their understanding of the countries of the Iberian Peninsula.

Professor Mark Gant, is Head of Modern Languages at the University of Chester, UK. He is Chair of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies and has published The Spanish Writer and Publisher, Carlos Frontaura: A Study of his Social Influence and Ideology (2012). He was also co-editor of Melodies, Rhythms and Cognition in Foreign Language Learning (2016) and New Journeys in Iberian Studies: A (Trans-)National and (Trans-)Regional Exploration (2018), and editor of (Re)visiting Centres and Peripheries in Iberian Studies (2019).

Susana Rocha Relvas holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from NOVA FCSH, Portugal and is currently Visiting Associate Professor at Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal. She is the author of “Valle-Inclán y Portugal” in Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea, ALEC (2007) and “Leonardo Coimbra y el pensamiento español. Teoría y Praxis de una dialéctica Ibérica y universal” in Bajo Palabra. Revista de Filosofía (2017).

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