Christian Responses to Spiritual Incursions into the 21st Century Church and Society

This volume provides an account of the surprising ‘in-breaking’ of spiritual life that persists in our culture, despite the best efforts of atheist spokespersons and secular theorists. Spirituality in its varying forms is irrepressible, resisting our attempts to exclude it by continuing to seep through the cracks and leak through the gaps. When it is allowed to manifest itself through the Christian faith-tradition, it has the power to surprise, transform and renew everything it touches. This volume contains a series of case studies, each of which describes the inner-functionings and out-workings of the spiritual life as a transformative point of contact between God, world, society and self. Each chapter contains high-level inquiry, drawing on best-practice scholarship that is deeply aware of the needs and opportunities that confront 21st-century society.

Dr Nikolaos Asproulis is Deputy Director of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies, Greece, and Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University, Greece. He is also Coordinator of the Network for Ecumenical Learning in Central and Eastern Europe and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns network. He has authored numerous articles, essays and studies on the history and theology of Eastern Orthodoxy, systematic theology, political theology, theological education, and spirituality.

Dr Stuart Devenish has served as pastor in a variety of churches and states in Australia, as a missionary in the Philippines with OMF International, and most recently as an academic in colleges across Australia, teaching in the areas of theology, missiology and spirituality. His PhD, obtained at Edith Cowan University, Australia, in 2001, explored the meaning of religious experience, using phenomenology as his research methodology. Since 2010, his research has focused on theology, pastoral practice, missiology and spirituality. He currently works as a researcher, writer, teacher and practitioner of the Christian spiritual life.

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