PhotographyDigitalPainting: Expanding Medium Interconnectivity in Contemporary Visual Art Practices

This anthology explores the connections between photography, the digital, and painting in contemporary art practices. While there is much research being undertaken into the mediums under discussion as discrete concerns in the digital age, there is little investigation into these in combination. As photography, the digital, and painting frame the contemporary visual discourse, a rigorous investigation into this relationship is much needed. This book, which continues the investigations begun with PaintingDigitalPhotography, undertakes this by leading the research into questions of medium-fluidity in contemporary visual art practices. The contributors here are renowned artists, senior academics, theorists, and younger researches contributing to the field of study. Their essays address a wide range of interrelated topics, including AI generation of digital imagery, hyperreal photographic visions of the world, the embodied experience of the painter, and art practice that synthesises the three mediums, amongst others. This book will be of particular interest to scholars, academics, and researchers studying the associations of these mediums in the digital age.

Carl Robinson is an artist and Senior Lecturer on Fine Art at the University of Derby, UK. Since his first solo show in 1981, he has exhibited across the UK and internationally, and has contributed work to various collections, including the Arts Council’s Permanent Collection. He coordinated the first PaintingDigitalPhotography conference (2017) at QUAD Arts Centre Derby, UK, and edited the book of essays stemming from this, PaintingDigitalPhotography: Synthesis and Difference in the Age of Media Equivalence (2018). His current practice-based PhD research asks whether it is possible to synthesise material-based painting, the digital and photography in single artworks, which forms part of his larger research into painting in the expanded field.

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