Zero for Parents and Teachers, or (Almost) All You Need to Know about Mathematics for Young Children

Zero for Parents and Teachers, or (Almost) All You Need to Know about Mathematics for Young Children is a book for people who feel nervous or uncertain about teaching maths to young children. If you are anxious and confused about the subject this might just be the book you are looking for!

It covers all the basic topics young children need to know about maths. It starts at the beginning and, in an open and friendly way, opens new horizons exploring fundamental ideas you may never have known you never knew. Had you realised that, for example, zero (0) means much more than simply nothing, you might have found yourself enjoying maths at school.

The book begins by introducing six young friends who follow us through each chapter, providing a range of fun activities for you and your children to further your mathematical confidence.

Written by early years educators, this book will offer safe and sympathetic guidance for any reader.

Anne D. Cockburn is an Emeritus Professor in Early Years’ Education. Her research interests focus on mathematics education, teacher well-being, recruitment and retention. Her publications include Understanding Mathematics for Young Children (with Derek Haylock, 2017), Headteachers, Mediocre Colleagues and the Challenges of Educational Leadership (2013), Teaching Mathematics with Insight (1999) and Teaching under Pressure (1996). She served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Educators (2007-2012) and an external examiner for the Economic and Social Research Council student awards (2002-2006).

Ioannis Papadopoulos is an Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education. His research interests focus on problem solving and posing, the use of digital technology in mathematics teaching and learning, mathematics education, and teacher training. He is currently participating in projects for the Greek Ministry of Education relating to digitally enhanced mathematical textbooks for primary education and the production of training material for teachers of primary school in using ICT in teaching practice. His publications include numerous journal articles.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany, Anna Papadopoulou is now working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, designing logos and working on book covers. Most of her work revolves around conference logos and other education-related projects.

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