Methodological Approaches to STEM Education Research Volume 1

This book addresses the changing nature of the methodologies that underpin research in mathematics, science, health and environmental education. This is a constantly shifting landscape that educational researchers need to engage with in order for research to continue to impact educational practice. The novelty of this book in the context of the existing publishing landscape is that it has a singular focus on methodology and methods, not in service of research findings but as something worth considering in itself, bringing methodology to the forefront of educational research.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Contemporary Approaches to Research in STEM Education", here.

Peta J. White (BSc (Hons), M Rur Sys Man, PhD, SFHEA) is Associate Professor of Science and Environmental Education at Deakin University, Australia. She has worked in classrooms as a curriculum consultant and manager, and as a teacher in Canada and Australia. Her current scholarship interests include: science and biology education; sustainability, environmental and climate change education; and activist/embodied methodologies.

Russell Tytler (BSc (Hons), BEd, MSc, MEd, PhD, FASSA) is Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Science Education at Deakin University. He researches and writes on student engagement with science and mathematics, aesthetics and identity in learning, school-community partnerships, and STEM curriculum policy and practice. He is widely published and has been chief investigator on a range of Australian Research Council projects.

Joseph Paul Ferguson (BSc, BA (Hons), MTeach, PhD) is an educational researcher and teacher educator at Deakin University, working in science and environmental education. He is interested in exploring reasoning inside and outside the classroom, particularly in its creative forms.

John Cripps Clark (BSc, DipEd, MAppSci, PhD) teaches and researches science and design and technologies education, science communication, and cultural-historical and activity theories. His most recent projects have been in STEM education, working and writing with colleagues and students on professional collaboration, and teachers’ and preservice teachers’ professional development.

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Ruth Bridgstock

Paul Chandler

David Clarke

John Cripps Clark

Aylie Davidson

Man Ching Esther Chan

Joseph Paul Ferguson

Michael Fitzgerald

Karim Hamza

Jaakko Antero Hilppö

Linda Hobbs

Natalie Lander

Iann Lundegård

Genée Marks

Juuso Henrik Nieminen

Kathleen Nolan

Jude Ocean

Vaughan Prain

Christine Redman

Emily Rochette

Saeed Salimpour

Carly Sawatzki

Russell Tytler

Peta J. White

Per-Olof Wickman

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