Measurements, Instruments and Models of Applied Optoelectronics

This book serves to familiarize the reader with measurements of optoelectronic components. Its main focus is on the implementation of these measurements and the results obtained, specifically the static electrical and optical characteristics. It therefore links these measurements to solid state physics. Steps are taken to verify the adequacy of the associated physical measures and principles. The limits of physical models for a numerical approach are also established. Furthermore, the text presents the different technologies of light-emitting diodes through developing manufacturing processes, and details the measurements and experimental analyses.

Yannick Deshayes received his PhD in Electronics from the University of Bordeaux 1, France, in 2002, and currently serves as Associate Professor in the Physics Department of the same institution. His work is centred on the evaluation of robustness and reliability of transceiver. He also works on the short pulse in overcurrent applied on transceiver for new applications.

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